Because… Why not?


This page is intended for the novice website owner (owner to be). Click here for a detailed service list and pricing.

There are many web hosting companies out there. I would recommend going with a company that offer web-hosting on a linux based system. If they mention cpanel then it is linux, most web-hosting companies offer linux hosting. If they mention plesk, then it is windows based and generally more expensive than the linux alternative.

Why not Unlimited

Many hosting providers offer so called unlimited storage space. Now there are no such thing as unlimited, this is just a marketing ploy. In particular watch out for the T & Cs of these unlimited service providers. Here are a few Terms I’ve seen regarding unlimited web hosting: email older than a year WILL BE DELETED, Unread email older than a month WILL BE DELETED, files not accessible by the public via the internet WILL BE DELETED, Audio and Video streaming are not allowed. As I said, just a marketing ploy, be very careful.

email filling up web hosting disk space

That said, you typically don’t need that much space for a website. However storage space usually also include email stored by the hosting provider. That is when you make use of yourname@yourdomain.co.za email boxes.

I find that email is usually the culprit when running out of disk space. I set my email client, the program on my PC that I use to read and send email, to delete mail off the server after fetching mail. The mail can stay on my PC forever. I have mail dating back to 2011 on my PC. There are also a secondary option where I specify that the mail should only be deleted 14 days after, so that I can access the most recent email from my phone. My phone is then set NOT to delete any mail off the server.

Hosting that I can offer

I can host your website for you on the same server that this website is on, at a cost of R255 per year, that exclude the cost of your domain. You will get 500MB of disk space and will only be allowed to have a maximum of two websites. You may however have as many domain names pointing to that single website as you wish. If you wish to host more websites you can upgrade to the 1GB plan. Here I’ll allow you to have 4 websites and the cost will be R450 per year. Or get the 2GB plan for up to 8 websites.

My solution to full email boxes

If you do not wish to delete mail off the server as I describe above, you could offload mail to a secondary server in the US. In that case for R450 you will get 250MB disk space on the primary server for your website and 10GB storage space on the mail server in the US. The 10GB storage may also be used for file storage via ftp, provided the files stored do not violate any US law.


My aim is always to keep cost as cheap as possible for myself and also for my clients, but without compromising on quality of service. I truly believe that you’ll have a hard time finding the same services I’m offering at a lower price.