Because… Why not?

Design and maintenance

Here are some options you can consider regarding the design and maintenance of your website.

I design the site for you

Designing and maintaining a website take time and if I design and maintain your website for you, that is what you’ll be paying me for, my time. I’ve seen charges of as much as R300 per hour for maintaining a website. I only charge R70 per hour of my time. During the design process I’ll keep on providing feedback regarding the time I’ve spend on the project, so you will know exactly what you’ll be paying for. You only have to pay me when the design part is complete. If you are not satisfy you can terminate the process at any time without having to pay me a cent. Once I’ve received payment I’ll upload the website to the web to the hosting provider of your choice.

Note that you will have to provide me with the content of the website, that is the text, logos and photos. I am not prepared to thumb suck information to place on your site. It is after all your business and you know your own business best.

If all goes smoothly the total design cost could come down to about 10 to 15 hours of my time (R700 – R1000) for a typical 5 page website. If however there are a lot of pages or if you keep on requesting changes to the design I submit to you, the time I spend will increase and the cost as well.

DIY website design

There are many software packages out there that can be used for website design. All you have to do is google ‘WYSIWYG web design software.’ Many of these programs are free, so give them a try, you have nothing to loose. Watch out for free online web design offerings, i.e. where you don’t download any software and design a site right from your browser. These online web design applications often require that the resulting site has to be hosted by them and that could end up being costly. So make sure that what ever you use to design your site that it has an option to create the website files locally on your computer or even better, have an option to upload your newly created website to the web via FTP.

Other companies

Of cause there are many companies out there willing to take your cash and design a website for you, but be very careful. Some can be very expensive, while others may not do a decent job. I once seen a website that cost a couple of thousand, that were simply a template that could have been downloaded by anyone with a little bit knowledge and then populated with text. That would have been just fine, but the pages were filled with spelling mistakes and the company refused fix these mistakes, at least not without paying there 1 hour maintenance charge. Now I’ll admit, I’m not the best speller and I rely heavily on my spell checker, but if there are any spelling errors in the text I place on your website I’ll fix them and I won’t charge for doing so, you just need to point them out for me.