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How to get your own website

When getting a new website for a small business there are 3 costs to consider. Some service providers will divide these costs and charge separately, while others may charge for only one of these aspects and claim to give the others for free. I typically find that these type of providers work out to be the most expensive. Examples would be: Pay R150 per month and get your website designed for free. Sound nice, but long term it is better to pay for the design/creation of the website in the beginning and then shop around for a good price on hosting your website.

OK, so here are the three costs to consider:

Design and maintenance – creation of your website. This could range from R2000 to even hundreds of thousands. But for a small business with a website purely for informational purposes, the cost shouldn’t be more than 4 figures. Once the design is complete there is also the cost of keeping the information on the website up to date, maintenance cost. For information on what I charge for these services, have a look here: design and maintenance. In short, R70 per hour of my time.

Hosting – Hosting refers to making your site available on the internet and it involves having a web server, a special computer that serves the web pages to visitors. Again this could range from as little as R20 per month to thousands. For a typical small business it shouldn’t cost more than R40 per month or R500 per year. Have a look here for how it could cost you even less: Hosting costs.

Domain registration and renewals – This is a yearly cost that need to be payed yearly for having a domain name for your website. The domain name is the “something.co.za” part of any website on the internet. Cost may vary from free to R500 depending on the domain name you choose. I can register/renew a .co.za domain for you for R90 per year, or .com for R200 per year. See Complete web hosting solution page for combined hosting and domain pricing.