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Web Site Hosting

If you know what your web hosting requirements are, have a look at my Complete Web Hosting Solutions.

 There are so many hosting services out there that just take their clients for a ride. They charge extreme amounts to set up and design web sites for their clients and then expect payment every time a change need to be made on the site as well. I’ve had this web site for many years now and what started out as just a fun little project aimed at furthering my learning, turned out to be an excellent marketing tool. I can just imagine what some of these web design and hosting businesses would have charged me to develop this site to the point it is now.

I have a B.Sc. majoring in Computer Science, so I do know a bit from a byte, however I choose horses over technology. But if you would like to have a website like mine and don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact me. My advice that I give is free, no strings attached. On the following page I’ll show some possibilities and options you as a small business owner would have to get a website to promote your business and what costs are involved.