Because… Why not?


Riding Lessons

I have a very different approach to working with horses and riding horses and teach what is in general referred to as natural horsemanship. Also see my other website on Natural Horsemanship for more information.

You will find that my rates are relatively cheap (R70 per lesson) compared to other riding instructors (As much as R250 per lesson). That is because I do not teach English riding and things like dressage, jumping and cross country. However, even if you do want to go that route, I could give you a good foundation to start off with. You will learn how a horse think and why they behave the way they do and you will be able to use this knowledge no matter what discipline you choose to pursue later. Have a look at this video and if you would like to be able to ride your horse like I’m riding Frosty here, then I’ll be able to help you.

I could also help you teach your horse tricks. This video show a horse that I’ve taught to do well over 20 tricks. At the end I’m also riding him with no reins.

I recommend that a child should be at least 10 years old before he/she should start riding. Before that age they generally do not have the necessary muscle control to be an effective rider. The result is that they learn bad riding habits that are very difficult to un-learn later. Worst case they can even develop a dislike in riding because it is just impossible for them to physically do what is required. I therefore have an age restriction of 8 years and will not accept any student that are not yet 8. But I’ll say it again, I recommend 10 or even older.