Because… Why not?

Horsy Jokes Q & A’s

Q: Why did the jockey take some hay to bed?

A: To feed his nightmares!

Q: Why did Nosey Norah call her pony “Sandwich”?

A: Because it was half-bred!

Q: Why is a horse like a cricket match?

A: Because both can be stopped by the rein!

Q: Where can you find a first-class horse?

A: Where you left it!

Q: On which side does a horse have most hair?

A: On the outside!

Q: What do you do with a horse that’s lost its tail?

A: Take him to the retail shop!

Q: What do you call a horse who likes pop music?

A: A rocking horse!

Q: What do you do if you have to write an essay on a Shire?

A: Get a ladder!

Q: What is black and white and eats like a horse?

A: A zebra!

Q: What is the hardest thing about riding?

A: The ground!

Q: What is the hardest key to turn?

A: A donkey!