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Horsy Fun

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Penny leaves the stables on Friday to go on a long distance ride. If she is gone
for three days, why does she return on Friday?

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Q: Why does a horse have six legs?

A: Because it has forelegs in front and two legs behind!

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Sorry folks, this one is in Afrikaans, my home language.

Verslae sit op die wa,
hy sien die een die ander een dra,
ses pote, twee koppe, maar net een stert!

Wat op dees aarde sien Verslae wat ses pote het, twee koppe het, maar net een stert het!


How do you put TEN HORSES in nine fields? There can only be one in each field.

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Teacher: “Give me a sentence using the words Defence, Defeat and Detail”

Pupil: “When a horse jumps over de’fence’, de’feet’ go before de’tail’!”

1st horse: Woof

2nd horse: Horses don’t go woof

1st horse: I know, I’m studying a foreign language!

1st man: “The saddle is on back to front”

2nd man: “How do you know which way I’m heading!