Because… Why not?

12ft Lead Rope

Why use a thick Lead Rope?

The thick rope to me just has a better feel to it. It is soft and gives you better grip and less likely to burn your hands should the horse pull on it. The horse can also feel the signals you give through the rope better than the conventional light weight lunge lines. It also doubles up as reins when I ride my horse. I simply hook it to the halter and tie the other end with a simple knot to the halter.

Where to get a Lead Rope?

I make my own lead ropes. They are made of 14mm rope. The manufacturer of the rope set his machine specially for me at a setting that allows for a loosely braided soft and flexible rope. I sell the 12ft lead for R220. However I can make them to any custom length you want. Simply contact me to order.

Rope halters also available.


Shipping is done via Post Office at R60 per order.